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The Complete Guide to AI Image Generation – Free and Fast (
MinimalChat Is a Full-Featured and Self-Contained Chat Application ( image
Yesterday's Domains levels up expired domain finding platform (
An open source extension to block large media brands from Google search (
Summarize Trending GH Repos in Terminal or Browser (
Open-Source Library to Integrate with Multiple LLMs (
100% open-source voice assistant – as a HAL9000 (
Dstort – utility to "organize" randomly a directory ( image
Numbrz – Finally there's a platform for financial analysts (
One-click data pipeline for modelling e-commerce profitability (
We created open-source implementation of Meta's Unit TestGen–LLM in Go (
Neuroscience-inspired interpretation of how Transformers work ( image
Pay to accelerate Wu Tang Clan's "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" release (
Cross-platform file encryption and sharing in the browser (
Eras – A Natural Language Interface for the Terminal (
A script to filter your Release Radar for only the newest music (
Hours – A no-frills time tracking toolkit for command line nerds (
Stardog Voicebox, hallucination-free Data Assistan t (
Freenet 2024 – a drop-in decentralized replacement for the web [video] (
LLM grammar explainer and flash card maker for Japanese ( image
What Are People Searching for on Google? – CustomGPT (
Model Gateway – bridging your apps with LLM inference endpoints ( image
Super Time Travel – Discover How a Photo Would Look in Any Time Period ( image
We have created a platform that should cool down consultant market (
How I would love to search my bookmarks ( Top Hacker News Stories and Summarized Comments (
Mu – Building Blocks for Life (
SoccerGPT – Predict results of the 2024 European Championship using GPT ( image – A simple checklist for essential bug report items (
Naja_edit – an EDA tool designed for optimizing gate-level netlists ( image
Terraform automation and collaboration tool running in Buildkite CI (
Pro Office Calculator – How deep does the rabbit hole go? (
Get a report on your compliance to CIS Benchmarks (Azure and AWS) (
KeyEcho – Listen to Mechanical Keyboard Sounds with Every Keystroke (
Deckboard – Turn your old Android/iOS device into overpowered macro pad ( image
Introduce Aiden v0.0.1, AI for Organizing Async Daily Standup Meetings ( image
Grokking Trends from Across the World (
Name Capy – Find a domain name you're happy with ( image
Semantic clusters and embeddings for 500k Hacker News comments ( image
Restate, low-latency durable workflows for JavaScript/Java, in Rust (
Dtdiff: Golang lib,CLI to return the differences for datetime,durations (
history4feed – get a historic, full text archive for any RSS feed ( image
Cade – Create short fiction stories of 500 words and browse like TikTok (
I productized my service of no-code development (
Terge – an easy-to-use library for merging AI models (
Asyncmachine-go, declarative workflows with relations (state machine) (
Schema – A Golang Validation Library Inspired by Zod ( image
I worked on a Source Code Generator for architectural models ( image
Arc Prize – a $1M+ competition towards open AGI progress ( image
Find just the right influencers for startups and small businesses (
Pipedream Connect – connect any API, right in your product ( image
Chat with your favorite sitcom characters and historical figures (
Adding support for sponsored products in Meilisearch (
Rerank-Ts – TypeScript Library for Re-Ranking Search Results with LLMs ( image
A website, utilizes AI to filter the most important information ( image
A resource to curate the newest and top-rated infosec tools and content ( image
Keel Studio – From prompt to production-ready back end in 2 mins (
Fine-tune llama3 model to support function calling ( image
Colorize your faded, black and white photos with one click ( image
Interactive website template for AI chat assistants (
Comparing various contrastive losses on text and vision embeddings ( image
I created a ranking page for indie hackers and your projects page (
Stock trading game that spoofs Bloomberg Terminal (
Missing Building-Blocks for the Agent World (
Sirius Scope – Analyze Private Businesses and Public Stocks (
AiDAPal – An IDA Pro plugin and fine-tuned LLM for reverse engineering (
Visualize the complexity of a Golang codebase with a 3D force graph (
I put together a list of 267 profitable startup models ( – generate and publish faceless videos on autopilot (
Just launched an open source software for steam, and waxpeer users ( image
ZkSafeZones – Civilian Protection in Conflict Areas (
Open Graphy – Generate Beautiful Open Graph Images for Laravel Apps (
SQL Generator – OS React App for SQL Table/Insert Statement Generation (
Will Crowther's 1976 "Colossal Cave Adventure" reimplemented in C++ ( image
The First Industry Standard for B2B Trust (
Estimate your reading potential and get book recommendations (
A simple open-source tool to help you blink more often (
Clip2qr: displays whatever URL or file is in clipboard as a QR code ( image
I made a GPT-4 assistant to know everything about Shopify stores (
Curated List of Places to Submit Your MVP ( image
I Tried Coolify to Self-Host My AI-Powered Anki Flashcard Generator (
An AI Agent That Defines Its Own Terminal and Instrumental Goals (
Econsumer – the mobile app that helps you to shop for a greener future ( image
Looking for beta users for my AI powered reading/video assistant (
Critical Dream – A fanart-powered visual companion to Critical Role ( image
I simplified project management process with new tool (
We've open-sourced our LLM attention visualization library (
Kling AI – Kling AI – Sora Like Text-to-Video Model (
A self-generalizing, hyperparameter-free gradient boosting machine ( image
United – free, open membership software for collective organizations (
I made minimalistic widget to simplify how people can reach out to you (